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About Us

I interviewed my boss, the Queen of Guiya Minerals

Brand Story - Founder

Bell Barca

She’s the epitome of wisdom and boundless passion for skincare, ingredients, and makeup.

Bell is a true force of empowerment. She has over a decade of experience within the cosmetic industry which she has blended with her passion for cosmeceutical science and high integrity makeup ingredients.

Bell is the perfect person to lead the Guiya Minerals brand and the mineral makeup industry toward a safer, cleaner, happier future for your skin and our planet.

Driven by her mission to support the women around her, Bell radiates abundant energy and a genuine desire to uplift others. Her meticulous dedication and deep understanding of the beauty industry led her on a path of developing a groundbreaking formula that would redefine the industry, and so, in 2021, Guiya Minerals was born.

Bell’s journey reflects the perfect harmony between her refined sensibilities and her down-to-earth nature. With Guiya Minerals, she brings together high-tech innovation, natural goodness, and eco-conscious practices to deliver the crème de la crème of makeup.

Join us (the gorgeous team at Guiya and the community we’ve created), as we embark on a journey of beauty, empowerment, and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead.


Our Vision

Embodying Australian Elegance & Supporting Local Communities

Guiya Minerals is the epitome of Australian elegance and charm. We’re proudly Australian made and owned, drawing inspiration from the breathtaking landscapes and rich heritage of our beautiful country. From the majestic outback to the vibrant coastal towns, we infuse the essence of Australia into every luxurious product we create. 

But it’s not just about the makeup, my love. We’re committed to supporting local communities and artisans, ensuring that every aspect of Guiya Minerals reflects our deep connection to this land we hold dear. So indulge in the beauty of our remarkable country while celebrating your own inner radiance with our exceptional products. 


Beyond Beauty

Our Mission to Empower Women

We hold a deep belief that beauty transcends skin-deep. We know that true radiance starts from within, and our minerals are here to let your inner-glow steal the spotlight. We’re all about celebrating your unique beauty and allowing your confidence to soar. 

We’re not just about makeup; we’re about building a sisterhood of empowered women. We believe in the power of supporting and uplifting one another. Together, we can conquer the world with grace, elegance, and great skin. Let’s empower each other to be the best versions of ourselves. 

Z-cote Zinc BB Cream

Product Highlight

BB Cream with
Z-Cote Zinc Formula

We’ve got a little secret that will make your heart skip a beat. Our BB Cream boasts a groundbreaking Z-Cote Zinc formula that’s pure magic! Picture this: it’s infused with microfine zinc oxide particles, so tiny that they vanish like a whisper on your skin. No pesky white cast, just flawless beauty. 


Skin Health and Well-being

Commitment to Natural and Healing Ingredients

We take the utmost care when it comes to your skin’s health and well-being. That’s why our products are your trusted allies, especially after those divine skin treatments. Crafted by our esteemed dermal scientist, our makeup embraces the healing power of natural ingredients and offers hydrating formulas that soothe and rejuvenate. 

Whether you’ve indulged in a rejuvenating facial or a luxurious spa day, our makeup is your faithful companion on your beauty journey. Designed to complement your skincare routine, our products provide a safe haven for your skin, ensuring it feels nourished, protected, and beautifully hydrated. 

Sustainability and Ethical Practices

Sustainability and Ethical Practices

Our Vision for Responsible Beauty

Our goal is not only to enhance your gorgeousness but also to take care of our beautiful planet. Sustainability is at the heart of Guiya Minerals, as we strive to make a lasting impact on the world we cherish. We’re committed to treading lightly on this precious Earth. 

We are at the forefront of packaging, with over 70% of our products made from environmentally friendly glass, aluminium and cardboard. Our plan for 2024 is to have 100% of packaging being reusable, recyclable or compostable. Our PPE materials will be made from recycled plastics, and our compacts and jars will be made from aluminium and glass.

Our sustainability vision aligns seamlessly with the national packaging targets for 2025, a testament to our dedication to the environment. These four ambitious targets are our guiding stars:

1. 100% of packaging being reusable, recyclable, or compostable: We’re hard at work developing packaging solutions that embody this vision. In 2024 we hope to offer refillable options for our non-glass packaging.

2. 70% of plastic packaging is recycled or composted: Plastic waste reduction is a top priority, and our sustainable packaging options are leading the way. We currently use only a few options of plastic in our brand all of which we are working on refillable options in recycled plastic.

3. 70% average recycled content included in packaging: Our commitment to recycled materials is unwavering, and we’re elevating our standards to meet this target.

4. The phase-out of problematic and unnecessary packaging: Identifying and eliminating waste in our packaging is part of our DNA. We’re proud to already have over 50% of our packaging as Glass and we won’t stop there.

Hold onto your hat, bestie, because it gets even better! We’re all about being non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free, because your beauty shouldn’t come at the expense of our furry friends. 

When you align with Guiya Minerals, you’re not only embracing high-tech, natural, and eco-friendly makeup but also joining a movement of responsible beauty lovers.


Community Engagement

Sharing Your Journey with #glowwithguiya

It’s time to unleash your inner glow and let your story shine. We’re all about celebrating your strength, vulnerability, empowerment, and courage, no matter how big or small. Enter our world of inspiration and share your journey with us. Either DM us with a bit of info about your journey or if you’ve already posted and we can share, tag us on social media with #glowwithguiya, and let’s create a tapestry of stories that uplift and inspire. 

Together, we’ll forge connections that celebrate authenticity, resilience, and the beauty of being exactly who we are. Bestie, your story matters and we can’t wait to be a part of it.